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468 Questions Biology367 Questions DAT/OAT/PCAT General Chemistry
9 Questions1.1 - Atomic Structure - Percent Composition - Periodic Table5 Questions1.2 - Electron Configuration16 Questions1.3 - Quantum Numbers Absorption And Emission11 Questions1.4 - Nuclear Chemistry Radioactivity7 Questions1.5 - Nuclear Chemistry Spontaneous Routes Of Decay4 Questions1.6 - Nuclear Chemistry Kinetics Of Decay, Nuclear Binding Energy15 Questions2.1 - Periodic Trends8 Questions2.2 - Bonding Ionic Covalent Coordinate Covalent6 Questions2.3 - Lewis Structures6 Questions2.4 - Molecular Geometry And VSEPR Theory7 Questions2.5 - Intermolecular Forces5 Questions3.1 - Phase Changes And Calorimetry4 Questions3.2 - Phase Diagrams9 Questions3.3 - Gases20 Questions3.4 - Stoichiometry9 Questions4.1 - Solutions And Solubility7 Questions4.2 - Colligative Properties10 Questions4.3 - Kinetics Rate Expressions, Rxn Coordinate Diagrams7 Questions4.4 - Kinetics Rate Laws4 Questions4.5 - Kinetics Mechanisms, Rate Constants15 Questions5.01 - Equilibrium Equilibrium Constants And Rxn Quotients7 Questions5.02 - Equilibrium Le Chateliers Principle5 Questions5.03 - Solubility And Ksp3 Questions5.04 - Solubility Common Ion Effect And Precipitation6 Questions5.05 - Acid Base Definitions, Strong Acids And Bases, Trends10 Questions5.06 - pH And pOH Calculations6 Questions5.07 - pH Of Strong Acids And Bases7 Questions5.08 - pH Of Weak Acids And Bases2 Questions5.09 - Acidity And Basicity Of Salts4 Questions5.1 - Buffers15 Questions5.11 - Titrations4 Questions6.1 - Thermodynamics 3 Laws6 Questions6.2 - Entropy And Enthalpy2 Questions6.3 - Enthalpy Of Rxn And Bond Energies3 Questions6.4 - Enthalpies Of Formation6 Questions6.5 - Hess Law4 Questions6.6 - Gibbs Free Energy3 Questions6.7 - Delta G, Delta H, Delta S9 Questions7.1 - Electrochemistry Oxidation States,Redox Rxns4 Questions7.2 - Electrochemical Cells,Voltaic Cells4 Questions7.3 - Standard And Non Standard Cell Potentials6 Questions7.4 - Reduction Potentials2 Questions7.5 - Electrolysis5 Questions7.6 - Electrolysis Calculations30 QuestionsPractice Gen Chem DAT/OAT #130 QuestionsPractice Gen Chem DAT/OAT #2
234 Questions MCAT/OAT Physics363 Questions Organic Chemistry361 Questions Quantitative Reasoning
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