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CourseSaver's pricing has been updated as of October 15, 2020. It is now much simpler and more affordable for those studying for multiple exams.

There are a few different ways to buy the videos, they are as follows:

  1. Per Page Monthly Recurring Subscription
  2. Bulk Orders / Reseller

All subscriptions are 30-day automatically-recurring subscription and includes all the resources we have for that category like quizzes and what not.

Partial Subscriptions
While all our subscriptions are sold in 30 day increments, if you need a few more days, there is a method now.

A basic scenario would be the user that wants 70 days. In this case, the user would sign up for the 30 day recurring subscription, which would be processed 3 times for a total of 90 days. At the time that the user would like to cancel, they cancel under "Account Settings" and will receive a partial refund.

The cost is 6% per day the cost of the subscription, which means on a $50 per month subscription the cost would be $3 per day.

Cancelation Policy
You are welcome to cancel anytime.

Refund Policy
Initial purchases are non refundable. We have a great selection of free videos which allow you to test the quality of the content, and server performance and leave that final decision of whether to buy or not up to you. Discounts, promotions, referral rewards, etc. are automated and as such happen during checkout. Please do not request discounts be retroactively applied to your purchases.

Additionally it is important to remember we provide a service much like your cable company or cell phone service. You are given unlimited access to our material for the duration of your subscription. It is your responsibility to get the value you want from it, and to cancel when you are done. We do not provide refunds for users that forgot to cancel, but you are welcome to take advantage of the partial refund we now offer.


We guarantee that all the videos play at normal speed and that all the quizzes are accessible for all people using a modern, main-stream, virus-protected computer /device with sufficient internet connection speeds. We have added, and are continuing to add, other enhancements to our service which are NOT guaranteed to work, such as the mobile apps for quizzes and video, Fastplay, and the 3D browser in the quiz section. Of course, we WANT these things to work for everyone, and we do what we can to test them before releasing them.

CourseSaver offers the best video test prep content available for helping students prepare for professional admissions exams. Instead of charging thousands of dollars for a test prep course, we offer these services at a significantly reduced cost, which presents us with some unique challenges. We certainly do have a significant user base that has the latest and greatest, but many frugally-minded users come in with sub-standard equipment and internet service. Having an older computer that is loaded up with toolbars, viruses, and outdated service packs connected at dial-up speeds, WILL have a negative impact on your ability to study on

This is posted in response to users who might want a refund / extension because some enhancement, such as Fastplay, didn't work for them. If a user can't play their videos at normal speed or can't access their quizzes, we will do what we can to make it right, which may include a refund / extension. If a non-guaranteed feature does not work, we will still do what we can to make it right, but it most likely will not include a refund / extension.

We ask for your understanding, and wish you the best in your studies.


Our goal is to help as many students as possible as completely as possible, which is why we have introduced the "partial subscriptions" that you can read about under the "How does CourseSaver pricing work?"

We realize how hard it is to get extra money as a student which is why we also instituted a referral program which gives you points which can be used to purchase subscriptions

We appreciate you as a customer and wish you well in your studies.


From time to time a Free Trial is offered on the Home Page. The free trial is specifically designed for first time users that are unsure of their needs, and whether we can help them in their studies. Users who have already purchased subscriptions in the past are excluded from this for the simple reason that they should already know the answer to that question.

The process starts by signing up for a free account on CourseSaver. We have many resources on the site that are available to regular users even without the trial or paid membership. You will be required to enter payment information that can be used if you decide not to cancel.

FINE PRINT: If you sign up at 6AM on Monday, your account should be enrolled in a subscription on the following Monday, not on the following Tuesday. CourseSaver does NOT store credit card information. All transactions are completed by BluePay, and as such the exact timing of the payment processing is subject to their policies. Subscriptions for the day are processed by these companies in batches, typically early in the morning. This is something which we have no control over. Because of this, if you plan on making modifications to your subscription, they should be done no later than the day before your subscription expires rather than trying to do so afterwards. You can easily manage your subscription by visiting this page: Account Settings. Asking for manual adjustments to your account greatly increases our costs in managing your account and should only be considered as a last resort.


The free trial is specifically designed for first time users that are unsure of their needs, and whether we can help them in their studies. Users who have already As we emailed you when you enrolled in the free trial, and posted under the Account Settings page, We spend most of our time improving your study resources and do not have sufficient manpower to micro-manage your subscription. It is your responsibility to cancel your subscription when you are done studying which can be done in under a minute by visiting this page: Account Settings.

Asking for manual adjustments to your account greatly increases our costs in managing your account and should only be considered if there is a technical malfunction that prevents your from being able to do so.


We occasionally post coupon codes that could save you 10-15%. They are NOT posted due to popular demand, nor do we pre-announce when they will come up. Please do not submit a support ticket asking if there are any active discounts.


In an effort to reduce spam and automated signups, we have instituted a couple basic security measures in the registration form.

The first most common problem is users not getting their activation email. This can happen if your school / email service accidently filters or even rejects mail from us. First check your spam / junk mail folder. If that doesn't work then just email us, we are more than happy to manually activate your account.

Second is the \"Random Question\". Those darn computer programmers are so smart that if I just kept it simple, like \"Add 2+3\" it would automatically try \"5, five, or Five\". It isn't designed to make life difficult for you, and I am sorry if the phrasing is confusing, we just want to do our best to keep out the porn, Viagra, prescription drugs, get your Russion bride posts. There are a couple different questions, and each quesition has multiple \"right\" answers, so if you spell it Yes, yes, or YES, they should all work. If you can't get it, just try the form again and see if you get the other question.

If you get the message \"you filled out a hidden field\", likely your browser tried being extra helpful and tried filling in a field that is supposed to be invisible to you and I, but more automated systems will fill it in. If that happens, just use a different browser to sign up, my personal favorite is Firefox.


Wondering what you are subscribed to and for how long? Check here:
My Account

If that didn't answer your question, feel free to continue submitting a support ticket.


This is one of the most difficult problems we have. Every company should reward loyal customers. We have many ways we try to reward loyal customers but discounts on renewals hasn't been one of them for a number of reasons. You might not agree with all my reasons, but I will share them anyway to explain what has impacted our policies.

First let me tell you our ways we do reward loyal users. We offer a referral reward system where for each student that you refer you get free time on the site. We also frequently give away iPad minis, laptops, and sometimes even cash prizes on our Contests page. Our business has grown through word of mouth, not expensive advertising which allows us to send money right back to those that help us the most. Check out our Specials or Contest page to see what we are currently doing.

We noticed early users were passing the same account around to multiple users. This caused a few issues, technical, legal, and complicated our business plan.

When the first user signs up, they agree to our TOS, if that account goes to someone else, they haven't agreed to the same things, and anything that happens with the account becomes a joint-liability to the person that did agree to the TOS.

Next is that if you take the DAT in 2012, we need to be able to contact you in 2014 about the NDBE, in 2017 about NDBE Part II, and also info related to starting your practice. You can see if you hand off your account you may miss out on valuable information.


The referral system is an automated method that rewards users for spreading the word to their friends. Both the user who does the referring and the new user receive 1 week of additional time when the new user purchases $30 or more in videos.

The referring member will receive a "credit" which can be seen and applied here: My Account

The system is fully automated and for users to receive credit, the new member MUST put in the username of the referring member during signup.


During registration you were asked for your birthdate. Lots of people fudge on that, I don't blame you - I have done it too. The bad part is where you got the year wrong and now you are under 13. While we don't have objectionable content on our site, it is always possible some wierdo will post something that a kid could see before we remove it. Because of that we are required to either have parents permission if you really are under 13, or have you update your birthdate with us. I am sorry but this has to be done on our end and you will have to email us. We will get it processed as quickly as we can, and apologize for it slowing you down.


I am sorry you are having trouble streaming the videos. While we make every effort to make them stream trouble free, sometimes we find users that still have trouble. I have some tips for you that might help. A more complete and better formatted version of this is available on our Troubleshooting page

First we need to figure out how fast your computer is able to connect to the internet in general. We use this site to do that: and try connecting to servers in your area, and perhaps Salt Lake / Washington DC.. That will give you a general idea of your connection across the country / world to a server near ours, and your connection to the internet around where you live (which could be different).

Next we need to find out what your connection is to our site, for that use this link: and click start. This will give you specific numbers for each of our servers.

We stream in the following qualities:
320 pixels wide at 400kbps
480 pixels wide at 700kbps
720 pixels wide at 1100kbps

We have some customers that come in from rural areas, outside the country that have numbers MUCH lower than these. I have chatted with people who had rates around 5kbps and the honest answer is they won't be able to stream ANY of our content without upgrading to a faster service. For comparison purposes, my connection from home with DSL is 38Mbps (38000kbps) Even if you didn't get the fastest one, you should be able to stream just fine if yours is around 1-5Mpbs or lower if you use the lower quality videos.

I know it is frustrating when you can't get on and get a great connection, I hope these tips help. Sometimes the right answer is cleaning off spyware, viruses, getting a better wireless signal, upgrading your home connection or just studying somewhere that has a better connection. Whichever solution you use, I know you will be grateful once it starts working again.

If you still need more help, please continue but include which specific video you are having trouble with, what the error message was and some details about your computer / internet connection.


Did something break? We definitely want to know ASAP so we can get it fixed. Please include where the trouble occurred, what needs to be done to reproduce it and which browser you are using (IE, Firefox, Safari).


Have something that doesn't seem to fit into the other categories, don't worry we will get it taken care of.

Suggestions? We would love to hear from you. We are constantly working to make the site better and LOVE customer feedback.


To cancel your subscription, click on your name in the top right corner of the page; then click on settings which will be under your name in the top right corner of the page; you will see your orders. Click on the order you wish to cancel; then click Cancel Subscription, and then choose which option you would like.

If you choose to cancel at the end of the subscription you will only cancel the recurring part of your subscription. The subscription will stay active for the remaining time you have paid for.

Or if your account qualifies due to the timing of the cancellation, you can choose to receive a partial refund.


We are sorry you are having trouble streaming the videos. Typically 'Error Loading Player. No playable sources found' is associated with not having the Adobe Flash Player installed. Please choose the correct version and make sure It is downloaded and enabled. It is a free download from

Chrome recently changed their settings and no longer automatically enables Adobe Flash Player. It will have to be enabled for each site.

To enable in Chrome:

Click on the small padlock button at the beginning of your search bar. In the drop down bar, find 'Flash'. Click the drop-down menu by Flash and select 'Always allow on this site'

Please let us know if you continue to have problems,