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357 Questions College Organic Chemistry
17 Questions1.1 - Molecular Structures And Bonding13 Questions1.2 - Resonance17 Questions1.3 - Acids And Bases8 Questions1.4 - Functional Groups8 Questions1.5 - Nomenclature11 Questions2.1 - Intermolecular Forces5 Questions2.2 - Newman Projections9 Questions2.3 - Cycloalkanes14 Questions4.1 - Vocabulary5 Questions4.3 - Isomers With Multiple Chiral Centers, Diastereomers, Meso Compounds21 Questions5 - Alkene Reactions7 Questions6 - Alkynes3 Questions7.3 - Diels Alder Rxns19 Questions9.2 - Distinguishing Between SN1, SN2, E1 And E2 Rxns8 Questions10 - Free Radical Halogenation2 Questions11 - Mass Spectrometry13 Questions12 - IR Spectroscopy2 Questions13.2 - C13 NMR6 Questions13.3 - H Nmr Determining The Number Of Signals3 Questions13.5 - Determining An Unknown From Nmr Spectra2 Questions14.2 - Acidity Of Alcohols1 Questions14.3 - Reaction Of Alcohols With Hcl Hbr And Hi2 Questions14.4 - Reaction Of Alcohols With Pbr3 Socl2 And Tscl1 Questions14.5 - Dehydration Of Alcohols With H2so415 Questions15 - Benzene Reactions19 Questions15.2 - Aromaticity9 Questions16 - Nucleophilic Addition Of Ketones And Aldehydes8 Questions16.5 - Hydride Reductions of Carbonyls10 Questions17 - Summary Of Nucleophilic Acyl Substitution Rxns1 Questions18.1 - Acidity Of The Alpha Carbon2 Questions18.2 - Intro To Alpha Additions7 Questions18.6 - Aldol Condensations3 Questions18.8 - Claisen Condensation1 Questions18.9 - Beta Decarboxylation4 Questions28 - Oxidation Of Alcohols With Chromic Acid And Pcc85 QuestionsMiscellaneous
349 Questions General Chemistry
4 Questions2.1 - Model Of The Atom, Atomic Symbols, Atomic Weights10 Questions3.1 - Stoichiometry Moles5 Questions3.2 - Percent Composition,Empirical And Molecular Formulas13 Questions3.3 - Limiting Reagent, Theoretical Yield Calculations1 Questions4.2 - Double Displacement Rxns9 Questions4.3 - Molarity And Dilutions2 Questions5.1 - 1st Law Of Thermodynamics4 Questions5.2 - Introduction To Enthalpy, State Functions, Phase Changes3 Questions5.3 - Calorimetry7 Questions5.4 - Hess' Law3 Questions5.5 - Enthalpies Of Formation6 Questions6.2 - Bohr Model Of The Atom And Electronic Transitions8 Questions6.6 - Quantum Numbers8 Questions6.7 - Electronic Configurations9 Questions7.2 - Atomic Radius5 Questions7.3 - Ionization Energy5 Questions7.4 - Electron Affinity And Electronegativity15 Questions8.1 - Bonding And Ionic, Covalent, And Metallic Compounds8 Questions8.4 - Lewis Dot Structures5 Questions9.1 - Molecular Geometry3 Questions9.2 - Hybridization3 Questions10.2 - Ideal Gas Law1 Questions10.3 - Boyle's, Charle's, Avogadro's Laws, Combined Gas Law2 Questions10.4 - Dalton's Law Of Partial Pressures4 Questions10.7 - Graham's Law Of Effusion2 Questions10.8 - Ideal Behavior10 Questions11.1 - Intermolecular Forces5 Questions11.2 - Phase Diagrams6 Questions12.1 - Colligative Properties - Freezing Pt. Depression And Boiling Pt. Elevation2 Questions12.2 - Colligative Properties - Vapor Pressure Depression And Osmotic Pressure11 Questions13.1 - Kinetics - Rates And Rate Expressions9 Questions13.2 - Rate Laws2 Questions13.3 - Mechanisms And Rate Laws From Mechanisms1 Questions13.4 - Catalysts And Reaction Coordinate Diagrams3 Questions13.5 - Collision Theory And The Arrhenius Equation22 Questions14.1 - Equilibrium - Definition And Equilibrium Constants3 Questions14.2 - Le Chatelier's Principle3 Questions15.1 - Acids And Bases - Definitions And Strong Acids And Bases2 Questions15.2 - Binary Acids And Oxoacids12 Questions15.4 - pH And pOH12 Questions15.5 - pH Calculations For Strong Acids And Bases6 Questions15.6 - pH Calculations For Weak Acids And Bases2 Questions15.7 - Acidity And Basicity Of Salts4 Questions15.8 - Buffers15 Questions15.9 - Titrations and Titration Curves7 Questions16.1 - Solubility Equilibria Molar Solubility And Ksp2 Questions16.2 - Common Ion Effect2 Questions16.3 - Precipitation1 Questions17.1 - Thermodynamics - Three Laws Of Thermodynamics5 Questions17.2 - Entropy4 Questions17.3 - Gibbs Free Energy And Spontaneity3 Questions17.4 - Calculating dG, dH, and dS And Formation Rxns1 Questions17.5 - Nonstandard dG and Relation of dG To Keq6 Questions18.01 - Redox Rxns And Determining Oxidation States1 Questions18.02 - Balancing Redox Rxns5 Questions18.03 - Oxidizing And Reducing Agents3 Questions18.04 - Comparing And Contrasting Galvanic And Electrolytic Cells1 Questions18.05 - Galvanic (Voltaic) Cells3 Questions18.06 - Standard Cell Potentials2 Questions18.07 - Non Standard Cell Potentials - Nernst Equation7 Questions18.09 - Table Of Reduction Potentials2 Questions18.1 - Electrolytic Cells6 Questions18.11 - Electrolysis Calculations1 Questions19.2 - Trends For Radioactivity And Nuclear Stability9 Questions19.3 - Routes Of Decay6 Questions19.5 - Kinetics Of Nuclear Decay
210 Questions Physics
7 Questions1.1 - Units7 Questions1.2 - Vectors5 Questions2.1 - Displacement, Velocity And Acceleration8 Questions2.2 - Graphs Of Displacent vs Time And Velocity vs Time4 Questions2.3 - Kinematics Calculations5 Questions2.4 - Projectile Motion1 Questions3.1 - Mechanics - Newtons Laws Of Motion4 Questions3.2 - Forces - Fundamental Forces, Gravity, Normal Force, Friction, and Tension3 Questions3.3 - Basic Gravity And Weight Problems (Including A Classic Elevator Problem)3 Questions3.4 - Basic Friction Problem5 Questions3.5 - Inclined Planes2 Questions3.7 - Pulleys1 Questions4.1 - Work1 Questions4.2 - Kinetic And Potential Energy And Conservation Of Mechanical Energy10 Questions4.3 - Force And Potential Energy Of Springs2 Questions4.4 - Power3 Questions4.5 - Momentum And Collisions5 Questions5.1 - Uniform Circular Motion5 Questions5.2 - Rotational Dynamics2 Questions6.1 - Rotational Kinematics4 Questions7.1 - Elasticity Of Solids9 Questions8.1 - Hydrostatics - Density And Pressure4 Questions8.2 - Buoyancy And Archimedes Principle3 Questions8.4 - Hydrodynamics - Equation Of Continuity And Bernoullis Equation6 Questions9.2 - Waves and Standing Waves29 Questions15.1 - Electric Forces And Fields And Coulombs Law14 Questions16.1 - Light Frequency Wavelength and Energy of a Photon2 Questions16.2 - Electrical Potential And Potential Energy16 Questions16.3 - Capacitance25 Questions17.1 - Ohm's Law, Current, Resistance, And Power10 Questions20.1 - Mirrors And Lenses5 Questions21 - Hydraulic Jack
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