CourseSaver is proud to have partnered with BrightCove Technologies to deliver our video's to our customers. BrightCove is a recognized industry leader in multimedia content delivery paving the way by partnering with CDN solutions such as Akamai and Amazon to ensure there is always a server near you, worldwide to deliver the highest quality of video your computer, and internet can handle.

By looking at the map to the right, we can see that there are specific pathways to get information to different places in the US / world. As information moves around on the internet, it is subject to some of the same types of delays you get when driving in LA during rush hour, without a close destination, or clear path, the speed can suffer. By partnering with Brightcove, we have access to over 100,000 servers in dozens of locations to relieve any traffic delays.

We have some customers that come in from rural areas, underserved areas, and users from outside the country that have numbers MUCH lower than these. I have chatted with people who had rates around 5kbps and the honest answer is they won't be able to stream ANY of our content. For comparison purposes, my connection from home with DSL is 38Mbps (38000kbps) Even if you didn't get the fastest one, you should be able to stream just fine if yours is around 1-5Mpbs or lower if you use the lower qualitiy videos.

The useful lifespan of a computer for the past 20 years used to be about 3 years before it was outdated. About 5 years ago, things slowed down and you can keep your same computer much longer in some cases if all you are doing is basic email, word processing, internet searches and such. If your computer is particularly old though, it may have trouble decompressing the flash video files in real time. It is important in these cases where you are on the edge to improve your numbers.
  • Defrag your hard drive
  • clean up your browser plugins and add-ons
  • Scan for viruses and spyware. Microsoft has a great free antivirus software called Security Essentials. My favorite spyware program is Spybot Search and Destroy (
  • Close extra programs on your computer.
  • If possible, add more RAM
  • If your wireless, try using a wire to connect to your router or disabling encyption on the router as that can slow it down.
  • Call your internet provider, if your on a $10 a month plan, you probably want to upgrade. If your internet is just generally slow, then they need to send out a tech to help you out.
  • Try to give your modem the best signal you can. Use clean good wires to connect it to the wall (don't run over them with your chair).

If I think of anything else, I will post it here. We love helping you out and know if you spend the time to watch the videos, do the problems you will do great.