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    Default Can't get the vidoes to play on my Asus Tablet (android) it my settings? Help!

    I'm not an IT person by any stretch of the means, so if it is a settings issue, can someone PLEASE break it down for me as if I were in 3rd grade? Thanks!!!

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    I have sent this in to my programmer to test and get back with me / you. Should hear back tomorrow.


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    I don't have an Asus tablet, so I'm just assuming/hoping that things work the same as they do with my Android devices..

    1). Launch your internet browser app.
    2). Press the Menu button to bring up your options, and choose "Settings".
    3). You may have to scroll down a bit, but somewhere in the settings you should see one named "Enable Flash". If you don't see one called "Enable Flash", then it may be called "Enable Plug-ins" instead. Touch that setting and change the value to "Always On".
    4). Try going back to the video here that you were attempting to watch and see if it works now.

    If that doesn't help, then you may need to install Flash on your tablet. You can do that by going to the Android "Market" and searching for "Flash". When you see the search results, make sure to install the one created by Adobe. Then go back to the videos page here and see if the videos work.

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