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    Hey Guys,

    I am a graduate student in a Biomeidcal Sciences masters and I was just curious if you guys had any recommendations for a study regimen. My MCAT is April 28th and I wanted to have physical sciences done within 2-2.5 weeks. You think it is possible? If someone could message me or let me know how I should approach using the videos that would be awesome. I really need to raise my physical sciences up a lot!

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    That's a pretty tall order but it depends on you to a certain degree. Just keep in mind that you'll want to be doing free standing questions and practice passages all along the way with the videos to reinforce all of the concepts. And my quizzes can provide a lot of free standing questions but hopefully you still have a good review book (TPR, BR, EK, etc.) with passages. But the gen chem and physics lessons were taught as 12 separate lessons so if you were able to keep up with 1 days worth of lessons each day then you could definitely finish it in 2-2.5 weeks. But like I said, that's a pretty tall order. But it's what I would recommend if you have the time daily to devote to it.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks a lot Chad! My quarter is a little lighter than my last one so I think I will be okay. I think I am going to spend 1 month (March 6-April 6) going through your physical sciences videos and doing EKs physics questions to reinforce concepts. I think I will get more out of doing it this way then moving to quick through the material. Do you think this would probably be a better plan of attack than the previous one?

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    There is a good MCAT study guide at I also use the material at

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