We get a fair number of questions so it is time to write out a FAQ for this. There are a few different ways to buy the videos, they are as follows:
  1. Monthly Recurring Subscription
  2. Discounted Extended Length Subscription
  3. Per Category
  4. Bulk Orders / Reseller
The monthly and extended length subscriptions gives you access to all of the videos for which ever page you choose.

You can also purchase extended lengths of time which may save you money if you are planning on studying for a while, or you can just start with a free trial and figure it out from there whether you want to stay on a month to month subscription or buy an extended license.

The Category purchase is on the video page itself with the little check boxes in the top right where it says "Order Entire Category". This is for 90 days and includes all the resources we have for that category like quizzes and what not. The time frame for these subscriptions is 90 days.

30 Days 60 Days 90 Days 180 Days
À la carte (purchased separately)

Bulk Ordering
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Fine print
All purchases are non refundable. We have a great selection of free videos which allow you to test the quality of the content, and server performance and leave that final decision of whether to buy or not up to you. Discounts, promotions, referral rewards, etc. are automated and as such happen during checkout. Please do not request discounts be retroactively applied to your purchases.