CourseSaver's pricing has been updated as of October 15, 2014. It is now much simpler and more affordable for those studying for multiple exams.

There are a few different ways to buy the videos, they are as follows:
  1. Per Page Monthly Recurring Subscription
  2. Per Category Monthly Recurring Subscription
  3. Bulk Orders / Reseller
To order an entire page, there is a link in the top right to "Order Entire Page". The individual Category purchase is on the video page itself with the little check boxes in the top right where it says "Order Entire Category". All subscriptions are 30-day automatically-recurring subscription and includes all the resources we have for that category like quizzes and what not.

Partial Subscriptions
While all our subscriptions are sold in 30 day increments, if you need a few more days, there is a method now. This only works on new BluePay payments, and Paypal are not supported at this time.

A basic scenario would be the user that wants 70 days. In this case, the user would sign up for the 30 day recurring subscription, which would be processed 3 times for a total of 90 days. At the time that the user would like to cancel, they cancel under "Account Settings" and will receive a partial refund.

The cost is 6% per day the cost of the subscription, which means on a $50 per month subscription the cost would be $3 per day. We have transitioned all future subscriptions to BluePay which allows this to happen automatically without a support ticket. If you are part of the old system which was not recurring, or used or PayPal there will be a $5 service charge to create a manual refund. While I know it isn't perfect, we are anxious to transition all users to the new system as quickly as possible.

Cancelation Policy
You are welcome to cancel anytime. Refunds are only available for subsequent months after the first month. When cancelling you are given the choice to finish the current cycle, or if you are on BluePay you can get a pro-rated refund.

30 Day Auto-Recurring
À la carte (purchased separately)

ASDA Discount
Members of the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) receive a 25% discount by entering their membership number during checkout. Join ASDA at for $63/year to become a part of the largest student-run organization dedicated to current and future dental students. ASDA has chapters at every dental school in the U.S. and Puerto Rico and offers resources to help students prepare for dental school and transition to practice.

Bulk Ordering
CourseSaver offers fundraising opportunities for your club / organization with discounts ranging from 20%-45% depending on quantities. Click here for more info

Refund Policy
Initial purchases are non refundable. We have a great selection of free videos which allow you to test the quality of the content, and server performance and leave that final decision of whether to buy or not up to you. Discounts, promotions, referral rewards, etc. are automated and as such happen during checkout. Please do not request discounts be retroactively applied to your purchases.

Additionally it is important to remember we provide a service much like your cable company or cell phone service. You are given unlimited access to our material for the duration of your subscription. It is your responsibility to get the value you want from it, and to cancel when you are done. We do not provide refunds for users that forgot to cancel, but you are welcome to take advantage of the partial refund we now offer.